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Category Archives: Work at Home Tips

Virtual Career Fair FAQ

In a virtual career fair, companies and job seekers can connect in a virtual environment. These online job expos have become increasingly popular. But how is a virtual career fair different from an online job board? The answer to that question can really vary, from not at all to completely different. Read on to find answers to that and more questions about attending a virtual career fair.

How to Ask If a Position Is a Telecommute Job

If a company doesn’t specifically say a position is a telecommute job in the description, then most likely it doesn’t intend to hire a telecommuter directly. And that’s pretty common. Telecommuting is often a perk allowed after an employee has proven his or her productivity in the office. And the decision is often made by individual managers, even if the company has a telecommuting policy.

How to Write Effective Emails

Many of us did not learn to write emails in school, yet knowing how to write an email is an invaluable skill in the workplace. This is particularly true for those working in (or looking for) telecommuting jobs. Next to good phone etiquette, there is probably no skill as important as email when it comes to getting–and keeping–a work-at-home job.

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