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What Does a Google Ads Quality Rater Do?

A Google ads quality rater is a human fact-checker for Google’s algorithm, the mathematical formula that determines relevant search engine results. The position sometimes is labeled as a search evaluator or internet assessor. Google constantly fine-tunes its algorithm to return improved search results as well as keep up with the changing ways people use language and the internet. The search giant needs actual people to check that the results it returns to users are indeed what they’re looking for.

Where to Find Legitimate Micro Jobs

When you’re browsing websites for legitimate micro jobs—small tasks that you do for pay—be on the lookout for the signs of work-at-home scams. (For instance, do you have to pay to sign up?) There are trustworthy sites that offer remote jobs, also known as crowdsourcing, and over time these have proven to be reliable and easy ways to earn extra money.

How to Find Your First Work-From-Home Job

More people are working remotely than ever before. According to a FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics report, there was a 159% increase in U.S. remote workers from 2005-2017, with the current amount totaling 4.7 million. Meanwhile, Upwork’s Future Workforce Report projects that 73% of all departments will have remote workers by 2028. 

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