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Types of Online Jobs for Teachers

As higher education institutions continue to make distance learning a part of their long-term strategies, the need for online teachers–and other non-teaching, education positions such as instructional designers–is expanding rapidly. However, the growth in the online education industry is not limited to colleges and universities. K-12 and high school level jobs for online teachers and tutors are exploding, as is businesses’ need for educational professionals in creating online training materials and courses.

9 Companies With Work-at-Home Physician Jobs

The overall outlook for work-at-home physician jobs isn’t as good as some other medical jobs from home. The education, experience, and mindset required to become a physician mean that the pay scale and responsibility level of many work-at-home jobs simply aren’t enough. Many physicians who choose to work at home do so for personal life-balance reasons and work in part-time positions.

5 Customer Service Jobs You Can Do From Home

As the service sector in the United States (and many other countries) grows, more businesses need workers with customer service skills. Many of them outsource their customer service jobs to large companies that specialize in finding workers for these positions. At the same, the explosive growth of the Internet and communication apps has made remote, work-from-home jobs more common.

Work from Home Call Centers

Home call centers are one of the most popular work at home jobs out there. More and more companies are finding that the lower overhead costs home call center bring enhance their bottom line. However, companies use many different business models to set up home call centers. Some hire employees while others use independent contractors; some offering paid training and benefits while others charge agents fees. Use these resources below to find out what type of call center company is right for you.