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Category Archives: Personal Finance

Budgeting for Teens: 14 Tips For Growing Your Money Young


While you may need to learn geography and geometry to get your high school diploma, some important life skills aren’t always taught in school. Budgeting is a real-life skill that you can practice every day to set yourself up for financial success. Check out these 14 tips on budgeting for teens to start growing your money young.

NEW Mint Feature Highlight: Transaction Widget on iOS   Minters – Say hello to our newest feature, the Mint Transaction Widget on iOS!  With the new Mint widget, you can now track your spending faster than ever without even opening the Mint app. It’s customizable, so you can change your view depending on whether you want to see your last 1, 3, […]

How to Use Envelope Budgeting to Increase Your Savings


Having a hard time saving your hard-earned money each month? Maybe it’s time to consider the envelope budgeting method. This money management strategy forces you to accurately budget your expenses each month by only giving you access to a predetermined amount of money, and the goal is to teach you to gain better control of your finances.

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