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Sample Government Internship Resume

If you are a college student or a recent graduate who is interested in entering the civil service in the United States, one of the best ways to “get your foot in the door” is to apply for available internships at the agency of your choice. Although many of these internships may begin as temporary (and sometimes unpaid) jobs, they frequently will convert into full-time, salaried employment for interns who do superb work during their initial assignment.

Cover Letter Sample for an Internship in Elementary Education

If you are looking for a primary school internship, your cover letter and resume is an essential part of your application. Your role is particularly difficult because of how closely you work with students. Succeeding in education requires a unique skill set which includes, most importantly, the ability to connect with children. Your cover letter is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and passion for teaching while highlighting how you can contribute to the school. 

Cover Letter for an Art Internship

Breaking into the art industry can be difficult, but a good cover letter can help you land a coveted internship in the field. Art internships tend to be especially competitive, so mastering the cover letter is just as important as mastering your resume or portfolio. It can help you stand out from the competition and establish you as a serious professional. With these tips and sample cover letter, wow your potential employer.

Sample Merrill Lynch Internship Cover Letter

If you’re a student looking to eventually work in the financial industry, you likely consider Merrill Lynch to be a potential new employer someday. Headquartered in New York City, Merrill Lynch is one of the largest wealth management companies in the world, handling over $2.2 trillion in client assets. The corporation employs over 15,000 people. They have repeatedly won awards as a top financial adviser, best institutional investor and best brokerage firm. 

Sample Public Relations Internship Cover Letter

A strong cover letter is essential for job applications in any field, but in public relations (PR), a well-written cover letter of the biggest factor considered. PR is all about effective communication and companies and agencies are looking for top-notch talent who are fantastic writers. Your cover letter is a chance to show off your writing chops and demonstrate your skills. 

Sample Resume for a Finance Internship Application

If you’re in college and planning to work in finance after graduation, you have likely been told that internships are essential to your career success. And that couldn’t be more true, especially in today’s competitive work world. Competition in finance is fierce, and the experience and networking opportunities you gain from an internship can be invaluable to your current skill set and future employability.