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Losing Confidence in What You Do? 4 Steps to Regain Confidence

Oh, those voices in our heads! You know the ones. They whisper words of judgment and doubt. They ask us, “Who do you think you are?” and “How could you possibly be so clueless?” They are masters at making us feel as if we’re just not good enough. And before we even realize it’s happening, slowly but surely, we start losing confidence in who we are, what we do, and pretty much everything we ever thought we knew.

Is it Worth it to Buy vs Lease a Car?

buying vs leasing a car

Unless you live somewhere like New York City or another dense urban city with excellent public transportation, chances are you’ll need a car to get to work, school and other locations. When looking at your different options, you might wonder if it is worth it to lease or buy a car. Both leasing a car as well as buying a car can be right for different people in different situations. Understanding the pros and cons of buying vs leasing a car can help you make the right decision for your specific situation.

Bad Deal at the Car Dealership? Here’s What You Should Know.

Bad Deal at the Car Dealership? Here’s What You Should Know.

Oops, you realized you may have gotten a bad deal at the car dealership. Maybe it was an impulse purchase or a very convincing salesperson persuaded you to go beyond your budget. Or perhaps you’re now struggling to pay your other bills after purchasing the car and don’t feel comfortable with the monthly payment amount. 

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