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Fun Money: How To Save For It + Fun Benefits of Spending

A group of three friends enjoys a meal together, indicated they’ve saved up some fun money.

With 59 percent of adults in the U.S. living paycheck to paycheck, many people struggle to have fun while still paying for their necessities. After all, it’s hard to spend money on yourself when you’re under financial stress. But creating a fun money budget can help you have a good time with any budget.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying New Clothes

buying new clothes

Clothes shopping can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. And in many cases, whether it be for work, school or a special occasion, buying clothes can be a necessity. But for many people, buying clothes is part of a larger pattern of overspending. In fact, clothing items are the number one purchase category for people with shopping addictions

Say Goodbye To Overdraft Fees With These Tips

overdraft fees

Banks make over $15 billion dollars a year in overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees for when customers try to withdraw more money than they have in their account. While these fees can be a big moneymaker for many banks, critics say that they are a regressive fee that targets lower-income consumers disproportionately. While there’s no denying that these types of fees can be big moneymakers for banks, some banks are starting to reduce or eliminate overdraft fees.

You Can Have Both Business And Pleasure, And Succeed In Life

Written by Richard Branson, Losing my Virginity is the philosophy that has allowed Richard Branson, in slightly extra than twenty-five years, to spawn so many a hit ventures. From the airline enterprise (Virgin Atlantic airways), to song (Virgin statistics and V2), to cola (Virgin Cola), to retail (Virgin Megastores), and almost a hundred others, ranging from financial services to bridal wear, Branson has a music file 2nd to none. Losing My Virginity is the uncommon, frequently outrageous autobiography of one of the awesome commercial enterprise geniuses of our time. Whilst Richard Branson started his first commercial enterprise, he and his friends determined that “since we’re whole virgins at business, permit’s name it just that: Virgin.” seeing that then, Branson has written his personal “policies” for success, creating a collection of groups with a global presence, but no imperative headquarters, no management hierarchy, and minimal paperwork.

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