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What Are Process Goals? (With Examples)

Ready. Set. Go. For years, this was my three-step mindset when it came to goals. I would reach for the moon and hope to land among the stars without feeling the pain of the fall. This approach was all or nothing, and as a result, I experienced loads of burnout and almost zero productivity. In short, my task list was filled with high-level intentions, but I hadn’t taken the time to create a map to reach the destinations. I was lost in the planning stages because I didn’t understand process goals or have any examples to follow.

10 Money Saving Gadgets (That Actually Help Save Money)

With the recession still in full swing, now seems as good a time as any to investigate the potential of money saving gadgets and devices. While the market is flooded with products that claim to save you money, not all of them actually do. Many so-called money-saving gadgets would be more accurately described as convenient or trendy gadgets. Today we’ll roll up our sleeves and examine 10 gadgets that produce bottom line savings for their users, independently of marketing hype or anecdotal hearsay.