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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Does Depression Make You Tired And How?

It’s a classic chicken or egg question, does depression make you tired, or does being tired cause depression? The simple answer to this question is yes and yes. Taking it a step further, I employ the “both/and” strategy, which is to say that they are both true and not mutually exclusive of each other. But that’s the simple part. The real question is how and why.

Budgeting and Money Management for Young Adults

Young man working at home office

Taking control over your finances becomes more and more important as you get older. The time will come when you’re fully independent and expected to pay for rent, food, and utility bills all on your own. Taking the time to learn how to budget and manage your money now will set you up for financial success in the long run. Continue reading for 15 money management tips for young adults that will help you embrace your newfound freedom and live life without unreasonable financial barriers.

7 Reasons Why Your Body Feels Heavy And Tired

Interestingly enough, this topic about our bodies feeling heavy and tired has been assigned right around the time when I have been personally experiencing feelings of such “sluggishness.” In my case, it comes down to not exercising as much as I was a year ago, as well as being busier with work. I’m just starting to get back into a training routine after having moved and needing to set up my home gym again at my new house.

Unwinding Your Financial Anxiety and Building Better Habits with Sharecare

Unwinding Your Financial Anxiety and Building Better Habits with Sharecare

Feelings of anxiety around money are likely something we have all dealt (or are currently dealing) with at some point in our lives. In many instances, you may not even realize the stress it’s causing you unless you take the time to acknowledge it. Whether it’s feeling uncertain about being able to pay rent or being worried about your long-term retirement plan, financial anxiety can cause significant distress in our lives. 

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