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20 Monthly Goals Ideas To Help You Grow in 2022

Personal growth is the most rewarding because it honors hard work on what matters most. If you desire to become more successful personally and professionally, then you should set monthly goals to establish a purposeful mindset.

Schedules and commitments can get a little unruly. Utilize the definition of S.M.A.R.T. goals to personalize them accordingly to preferences. Here is where you will gain a tremendous amount of personal development and set yourself up for success this year. Prioritize these 20 monthly goal ideas to help you grow the coming year and be amazed at how your productivity and success accelerate.

1. Read One Book

Education is key to learning and expanding your perspective. Reading opens up the mind to understanding how an idea becomes a motion that moves one to take action. If you read one book a month, that’s 12 new books for the year. Imagine what incredible ideas you will experience and be able to implement every month.

2. Flex Your Core Muscles More Often

Fitness is essential to healthy living. But one area that is not focused on enough is the core: upper legs, abdominals, and back. It’s here where confidence is physically built. Stand taller because your body is stronger. Get to the core of what matters, and flex your core muscles.

3. Donate Unnecessary Household/Office Items

There is so much stuff that’s accumulated over the years. Instead of drowning in the piles, donate the stuff that you don’t use. And if you want to be proactive, for every new thing you bring in, donate one old thing of equal size. This way, the accumulation will lessen, allowing the mind to stay centered on the goal.

4. Volunteer at a Local Charity

When you give to someone else, your gratitude grows. How powerful it is to help those in need, especially in your own community? It’s a great way to give back and feel good. Check out a senior center or a food bank. There are many areas in town where your gratitude can grow.

5. Try a New Recipe

How much does your menu change? Most people get stuck eating at the same restaurants or cooking the same main meals. Increase your selections by expanding your options on what to eat. Your palate will adopt a variety of new flavors from around the globe. Grab a local favorite and recreate the dish at home. Soon your menu will expand to the point where no meal is repeated, except your take-out pizza!

6. Learn a New Skill

To broaden your horizons, learn a new skill to enhance something you already know or something out of the ordinary. There is no end to learning and stretching your comfort zone. New skills build character and make you feel good.

7. Create One Healthy Habit

Healthy living comes with practice and consistency. Build upon what you are already doing by adding one healthy habit. This will reinforce what matters to your body while creating a healthier lifestyle that becomes more manageable as you get older. Age is only a number!

8. Get to Know Someone New

Increase your net worth by increasing your network—get to know someone new. The more you diversify your network, the more significant your impact will grow. Meet and greet to serve and grow.

9. Conduct a Random Act of Kindness

Regardless of what is happening in the world, everyone can give back by surprising someone with a random act of kindness. Put the hostility and fussy attitude in your back pocket, and extend a hand up with a kind act. You can make someone’s morning with a cup of coffee or lunch on the house.

10. Make a Dent Into Debt

Living outside your means is becoming easier every day. Lower your debt when you make an intentional commitment to paying it off. Start with the smallest debt that you carry and put what you can to lower what’s due. Soon, the debt will disappear, giving you more freedom in your finances.

11. Practice Forgiveness

When you experience hurt, it’s easy to hold on to the feelings. However, if you operate daily from hurt, it can dilute the good in your life and lead to bitterness. Therefore, you feel less accomplished and more slighted. Let go of what’s not serving you and practice forgiveness.

One step at a time leads to miles of greatness! —Kristianne Wargo

12. Attend a Community Event

There is nothing greater than the community in which you call home. Honor your home by attending a community event. These are opportunities to see what your community has to offer. You might be pleasantly surprised at the talents and gifts discovered at the local theatre, mom & pop restaurant, or even a holiday fair. Don’t forget the high school and community college where lots of new talent is waiting to be awakened.

13. Invest in Your Spirituality

Take your devotion to the next level. However you define spirituality, make time to grow deeper in your relationship. Dedicate a measurable goal that will elevate your discipline and pull you closer to what you desire in your spirituality. Here is where you can connect your head and your heart to impact the world that you touch. But first, it starts with you!

14. Clear the Cluttered Closet

How many times have you said, “I have nothing to wear.”? Most of the time, it’s because what you do have is getting buried by what you don’t wear. All you can see is what you wore last week, which doesn’t seem new and fresh. Streamline your closet by clearing the clutter. Donate what doesn’t fit and enjoy a new outfit—no more excuses for not having anything to wear. A clean closet is an organized mind.

15. Complete One Household Project

How long is your to-do list? You can feel highly accomplished by taking on one household project. It might be that linen closet that’s stuffed to the max. Or you might want to put up the new pictures along with trading out the new lamps in your living room. By the end of the year, you will have completed twelve in total. However, if the project is massive, then you can use a couple of months. A refresh is great for real-time inspiration to keep moving forward.

16. Find Your Miracle Morning Rhythm

Mornings are vital to jumpstart your day. Don’t let aging wrinkles or tired eyes determine how you look at your day. Dress your day for success by how you groom your day. Get up at a regular time every day, even during your days off.

Prepare what you can before going to bed. Brain dump your thoughts and ideas into a journal. Drink water before your feet hit the ground running. Make tweaks here and there to find your miracle morning rhythm. Remember to play to your strengths.

17. Clean Your Refrigerator

Besides the bedroom, the kitchen is the room you spend the most time in. Leave the junk food behind by cleaning out the fridge. Whether you need a snack or a full meal, a clean refrigerator makes you want to eat the good stuff. You can see what you need quicker and what might serve your stomach later. Bon appetit!

18. Spend Time in Quiet

Listening is a crucial growth skill. When you spend time in quiet, you force yourself to slow down to see what’s right in front of you. This skill takes practice and does not come easy for most, especially since many are always on the go. When you make space to slow down, it creates room to speed up. Accelerate reaching your goals when you spend time in quiet. Listen to what the silence is telling you.

19. Unsubscribe to Email Lists

Who needs more distractions and junk mail? Delete what you are not using for the month. You can always re-subscribe if you must. Clearing your email gives you more time to do what you want, and who doesn’t need more time? Let your productivity begin by unsubscribing from what’s not required each month.

20. Repeat What Matters

If you are looking for a leg up on your personal growth and development, repeat what matters. You get to decipher what serves your long-term goals. Don’t hesitate. Say no, and strike out the stuff that depletes you emotionally and physically. You need to share your talents and gifts with the world. So, dream big and set those monthly goals.

Take A.I.M. (Action Ignites Motivation)

You’ve got this! Commit to what matters to you individually. Be specific about where you want to go every month. This cuts out the messy middle and keeps you hyper-focused on your monthly goals to help you grow this year.

If goal-setting is a challenge, take advantage of the Dreamer’s Guide to Reaching Your Goal. You are made for more!

Keep in mind that all goals may not be met. So, don’t despair what you can repair. By setting monthly goals, you are permitting yourself to achieve that which you can imagine and see. Life isn’t about the results, but about the journey in getting to those results. Create yours now!

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The days of staying stagnant and complacent within a job are gone and maybe gone forever. The Great Resignation has created a movement of people who won’t settle for work that doesn’t fulfill them, and they are finding alternative ways to advance in life and a career.[1] We’re experiencing a great “reset,” and that’s a good thing. Your career should help you live a better life by providing financial security. Your work should challenge but also fulfill you. However, challenging but fulfilling work means you’ll have to do your part to be an asset.

A lot of the reason people don’t advance in their careers is that they’re not demonstrating value. Showing why you deserve more opportunities is how you can advance in your career. The good news is that goals and objectives can help you demonstrate clear value, but you need a better understanding and strategy of using goals and objectives.

Working hard is not enough. You can work hard without direction, which does not help you advance in your career. You’ll need clear goals to advance in a career and create a life of freedom. You have to be working hard towards accomplishing specific tasks that align with progress and your vision of growth. To accomplish a career advancement, you’ll need clear goals and understand the difference between goals and objectives and how they work in tandem. Being clear on the steps you take is how you accomplish more and live a growth-focused life.

Having a clear understanding of the difference between goals and objectives is crucial to advancing in your career. Here’s how to understand the difference and use goals and objectives to build a career and fulfilling life.

The Difference Between Goals and Objectives

Goals are the destination you should be working hard towards. Goals are specific accomplishments you set for yourself that help you live a better life and advance your career. If you were to think about this from a high level, objectives are the specific tasks and metrics that help you accomplish goals.

You’ll need to set goals to advance in your career. Those goals could be related to the kind of income you’d like to make, the position of leadership you’d like to be in, or even as lofty as earning equity in the company you work for. Clear career advancement goals give you a destination to strive to reach.

With that clear destination (your goals), you’ll then need a plan to accomplish your goals—that is where objectives come into the picture. You’ll need to set specific objectives for each goal. Objectives bring clarity and create a plan for the particular steps you need to take (and in what order) to accomplish goals.

Objectives are not goals, and vice-versa. Think of goals as the house and objectives as the materials it takes to build the house. Accomplishing your goals starts with an understanding of the difference between goals and objectives. With that clarity, you can set each accordingly to advance your career. You need each, but you can’t reach one without the other.

Too many growth-focused leaders waste time, effort, and opportunity by winging it. Without a plan, you’ll spend a lot of time chasing distractions. Those who advance in their career do this by understanding the difference between goals and objectives and creating a strategic plan accordingly.

How to Use Objectives to Create and Accomplish Growth-Focused Goals

Every day is a new opportunity to create and work toward accomplishing goals that bring freedom, financial security, fulfillment, and career advancement to your life. You’ll need a roadmap if you’re going to achieve growth-focused goals.

The best way to accomplish your goals and advance your career is to set objectives for each goal. Remember, objectives are the specific tasks that help you create a plan to achieve each goal. Setting the proper objectives can help you get a raise, a promotion, and show a company why you deserve advancement in your career.

It starts with what you’d like to accomplish in your career—where is this all going? You’ll need clarity about your short-term and longer-term goals. In the short term, it could be a raise that you’re seeking. In the longer term, you may like a position of leadership and more responsibility. You then need to get a piece of paper, your favorite goal-setting app, or your notes on your phone and write out your goals. It would help if you saw them. People are visual by nature.

Write out your career goals. With the primary goals written out, it’s time to set objectives for each goal. The goals are the designation, but you’ll need checkmarks and specific steps to accomplish them. Objectives are essential to staying focused and consistent. Take each goal and break them into bite-sized chunks. When you break down a goal, it allows you to see the specific steps you’ll need to take to reach that goal.

If your goal is a raise, what extra effort do you need to put in your work to show value for your company? Map out what those specific steps are and make them your objectives. If your goal is a promotion or other career advancement opportunities, map out the specifics to get there and set objectives.

Writing out the goals then the objectives clarifies what you should be doing, what order you should do it, and sets a realistic timeline to accomplish your life and career goals. There’s fear that comes with setting big goals. Limiting beliefs try to convince you to keep your goals to yourself and not put them anywhere besides in your mind. Writing out your goals helps make them real, and it’s how you make a commitment to yourself.

You have to take your goals seriously if you’re going to advance in your career. This means making the goals real by setting objectives and putting those goals in a place of accountability. Don’t take the easy road by keeping your goals inside and not feeling the consequences of not taking action.

Using Goals and Objectives Strategically to Advance Your Career

We’re currently experiencing a shift in the world of work. People are deciding to quit rather than spend 40+ hours every week building a career that doesn’t fulfill them and help them accomplish their goals. This is good news because it creates opportunities for advancement.

If you are not fulfilled in your career, then maybe you should be thinking about whether or not a shift makes sense. If you enjoy what you do and see your career advancing you towards accomplishing your goals, it’s essential to set strategic objectives that help you achieve your growth goals.

After you’ve taken the time to set your goals—and the objectives that let you accomplish those goals—it’s time to get to work. You can’t advance your career and achieve your goals without being willing to do hard work and do it consistently.

The thing to understand is that accomplishing objectives that help you reach your goals is a process that takes time. Too often, we want instant gratification. Living a life of accomplishment and career advancement is not instant and will require consistent hard work.

Create Goals and Objectives That Challenge You

If you accomplish every goal that you set, your goals aren’t lofty enough. The path to growth and advancing in your career happens when you set ambitious goals. You should look at your goals and have a slight fear of how high they are.

Strategically planned objectives are powerful. As ambitious as your goals are, well-thought-out objectives can help you stay focused and accomplish anything. In addition to lofty goals, you should set higher-standard objectives. Growth is the goal, and that requires a bigger vision.

Create goals and objectives that challenge you to be better in your career and add value to your company. Come into this with an understanding that you’re doing all of this to create an incredible life. Challenge yourself because you deserve to accomplish your objectives and reach your goals.

Too many take the easy road and set achievable goals. Goals and objectives that challenge you expand your belief in what’s possible and strengthen your mindset. A strong mindset is how you’ll get the energy you need to work on your goals for a sustained period.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to understand the difference between goals and objectives to advance your career. You need both, but they need to have their proper place to work together. Clarity in what to do and how to do it is how you set goals and use objectives to achieve them.

Don’t confuse an objective for a goal—objectives are the steps, and goals are the prize. Be strategic with the objectives you create to help you accomplish your goals.

Advancing your career is the key to creating financial security, building wealth, and working to build a life of freedom. Goals and their objectives help you grow and become the best version of yourself. Understand the difference between goals and objectives, and use them to advance your career.

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